b. 1986, HK.


Anita is a film director.

Her style is artistic, cinematic and contemporary. She draws inspiration from our shared human experiences to produce honest and heartfelt films.

With a background in design, Anita merges her interest in the Visual Arts to create unique and memorable story worlds.

Her directing approach is deeply collaborative. Anita believes firmly that the relationships she fosters with talent, crew and clients are just as important as the creation of the work. 

Anita's debut short film, 'Only One' (funded by Screen NSW and Metro Screen) screened at the Palm Springs International ShortfestRhode Island Film Festival, St Louis Film Festival and Miami Short Film Festival. She also wrote and directed a second short film, 'Here is Now' which will premiere at the For Film's Sake Festival. 

Anita has directed work with brands, CGU insurance, Traveloge Hotels, Uniqlo, Qantas, Dulux, TAL Insurance, Macquarie University and SBS to name a few and is also co-founder of film production company, Brosis Films.

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